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What does L8Flight do for me?

L8 will help you assess your right to compensation on disruptions you have experienced when flying. Disruptions are usually of three kinds: Delayed flight, Cancelled flight or what is commonly known as “Denied Boarding” which includes downgrading.

L8 is also able to determine which flights you were travelling on in the past that may entitle you for compensation (see below). In many cases, you can claim after several years.

How does it work?

For you, it’s pretty simple: just tell us of your flight (code and date) and we will crunch our databases to figure out what happened and whether you may be entitled to compensation.

L8 does all the work behind the scene: and that include fighting with the airlines as in some cases they are reluctant to pay out even when the law tells they have to. Some airlines have developed tactics that a lone passenger will find hard to battle against. We are used to this and take all legal steps necessary to ensure success. For a good reason: If you don’t get compensation, L8 doesn’t get paid!

L8 has developed tools that searches you inbox (with your authorization of course!) for older flights, so, we’ll fight for you on as many cases as you may have a right to claim for.

Which flights are concerned?

Quite a few really, the basic rule of thumb is that if your flight was delayed or cancelled and that you arrived at destination more than three hours after the scheduled time of arrival, there might be a case. Airlines have the right to invoke extraordinary circumstances (and they do!) But we have huge databases that help us to validate (or invalidate) these pretences. It goes from weather historical databases, flights and aircraft historical tracking. Not much we can’t know about!

There are several regulations that come into play, including the Montreal convention, EC regulation 261/04 and US rules. So, depending on which airline, what route you were flying along, the cases can be pretty different. We are here to check all applicable regulations and their interrelations for you.

How much can I get?

It’s a mix between flight status and distance and overall delay at destination. Claims may be valid from 2 hours delay (cancelled flight, replaced) but the general rule of thumb is that if you arrived 3 hours late there is a possible claim. Distance of the journey enters in consideration; there are three main categories with European law: less than 1500 km (930 miles) more than 3500 and in between.

The Airlines that are subject in Europe are all European carriers but non-European airlines are also bound by the law for flights outbound from Europe: Be smart when you book your trips ! Prefer European airlines to non-European Airlines: an example: flying from Singapore to Paris Charles de Gaulle may entitle you to 600 Euros compensation if you were on a European carrier and were delayed but nothing if the carrier was not ! In this example, the return flight would entitle you to a claim anyhow.

Basically the compensation starts at 125 Euros per passenger and reaches a maximum of 600 euros. Some of your expenses may be reimbursed too if the Airline did not provide you with their assistance (duty of care) which is owed to you from 2 hours delay.

Were you told your rights?

As soon as a delay is over 2 hours the airlines have the obligation to inform you on your rights IN WRITING. Very few actually do so, often referring to the small imprint posted at boarding gate. This is not sufficient and will help in consideration of your case.

More than often, ground staff offers incorrect information, misquoting internal rules (we hope it is done in good faith, but we sometimes wonder…). Keep as much proof of what you have been told and by whom.

My ticket was low-cost, can I claim?

Yes. The compensation is based on the principle that you suffered a disruption; it is the time of that disruption that opens right to compensation, not the price paid. So whether you flew for 50 euros or in first class, the compensation will be the same. The compensation can be much more than the price you paid for our tickets as this is not the relevant point.

The Airline gave me a voucher for food, can I still claim?

Yes. These vouchers (often not very generous) are in response to the “Duty of care”. This duty is due as soon as he delay is over 2 hours. In the same manner, if you get grounded in an airport which is not at your usual residence place, the Airline should offer you hotel accommodation. If you don’t receive this duty of care, keep your bills!

Compensation for non-provided duty of care CAN be added to compensation for delay. They are two different elements, so, yes, you can claim for the delay as well.

Can I claim for reimbursement of my ticket or expenses?

In some cases, yes you can, send us all your expenses we will advise you on this issue. In any case, when travelling, you should always keep your bills, they might come handy later.

Why shouldn’t I do it myself?

You’re welcome to do that of course, but experience shows that many claims submitted by an individual get rejected on false pretences. Not to mention the tactics used by some airlines to make your life difficult, like not answering, asking for documents not in your possession any longer but not necessary … the list is unfortunately very long.

On top of this, the legal aspects can be tricky, there is a lot of Jurisprudence to be aware of in order to not get rejected under a false pretence.
And finally, you need to verify if what the airline says is true: our databases are there for that.

How much does it cost me?

Nothing if we don’t get your compensation: plain and simple. If we are successful, and only then, we charge 25% of all monies recovered on your behalf (or their equivalent would you get payment in vouchers or other in-kind means).

The airline normally pays us directly as per our agreement, and we commit to refund you at short notice once the money has been received by us.

Our success fee may be subject to VAT, but being a Swiss company, VAT is only due to services rendered to Swiss residents.

How long does it take?

Unfortunately, there are no straight answers to this question. Some airlines are relatively fair when it comes to complying with the law but some still try and make it difficult. We have had cases that took several months to attain success as the airline only responded to legal action or after submission to the National enforcement bodies, those procedures length is outside of our control but we continue to monitor and push for quick resolution.

Can I claim for several passengers?

If you travel party was composed of several fellow passengers, you may submit to us the claims of your fellow passengers. However you must confirm having been given the right to do so and commit to remit to your fellow passengers their due.

We advise to regroup passengers traveling on the same reservation number.

Joining a claim for several passengers will give more power to the claim and increases your success chances.

Should I tell other passengers about as well?

Of course! Not only it will help our business but the more concomitant claims there are the more likely a success is. The other passengers are also suffering from this disruption that is more often than none a dreadful experience: Don’t let the Airlines avoid their duties.

I missed (or didn’t take) my flight, do I have any rights?

First check if your ticket is reimbursable and check with your insurance or credit card if you bought your ticket vi a card. In any case, some of the taxes that were levied by the airline are only due IF you actually board the plane, in particular the Airport taxes. The airline MUST reimburse these at least. L8Flight also helps you for this process.
Check your refund :

Can I claim old delayed or cancelled flights?

Yes. Depending of a country you can claim up to 5 years old flights.

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